Comparison of J.Storm’s results with Fear compared to MiLAN

One of the unexpected roster swaps before the CQ major was when J.Storm kicked MiLAN to make space for Fear in their lineup just 4 days before the start of the main event. Now that some time has passed, I wanted to compare J.Storm’s results with both players.

Since the last two DPC events, MiLAN has played with the team in Kuala Lumpur Major and Chongqing Major qualifiers, I think it’s only fair to compare the team results now, when Fear also has had two DPC events with the team under his belt. Those being Chongqing Major and DreamLeague Season 11 qualifiers.

If we only look at the team placements, there is actually no difference between the two players. Both times J.S. went through the qualifiers, and both times team lost in the second round of losers bracket of the main event.

Besides the team results, there is an observable difference in individual and team’s performance through tournaments. It is only fair to compare a qualifier to a qualifier and a main even to a main event. Opponents, that these two team iteration faced trough the qualifiers and the majors, are on the same skill level.


KL Major:

7.19d patch

4 Series, 9 Games, 8 Unique heroes

3 won and 6 lost games

Average stats per game:

  • KDA 4.2/7.7/16.6
  • GPM 310
  • Team score of 29 : 32.5 leading to a 0.892 K:D team ratio

CQ Major qualifiers:

Fresh 7.20 patch (new hero to Captain’s Mode, new items, map rework, ability reworks, balance changes)

5 Series, 12 Games, 7 Unique heroes

8 won and 4 lost games

Average stats per game:

  • KDA 5.5/6/16
  • GPM 340
  • Team score of 34 : 23.5 leading to a 1.447 K:D team ratio


CQ Major:

7.20e patch

4 Series, 7 Games, 2 Unique heroes

1 won and 6 lost games

Average stats per game:

  • KDA 2.86/4.14/12
  • GPM 321
  • Team score of 21 : 29 leading to a 0.724 K:D team ratio

DR 11 qualifiers:

Fresh 7.21 patch (balance changes, IO removed from CM)

4 Series, 9 Games*, 7 Unique heroes

6 won and 3 lost games

Average stats per game:

  • KDA 3.3/5.2/12.1
  • GPM 322
  • Team score of 24 : 20 leading to a 1.2 K:D team ratio

*The format for the Dreamleague Major qualifiers has changed compared to the last two majors. The seeding matches are not played anymore = fewer games played.


Just looking at the stats doesn’t take into consideration team’s chemistry and other various factors. Also, whatever the individual and/or team stats are, in the game of DOTA, winning a series is what’s important. So since the both iterations of J.Storm have the same overall results, one could say there is no difference between them.

Be that as it may, it seems that, stats wise, J.Storm did better with MiLAN in the team than with Fear. On average Fear dies less than MiLAN (discrepancy is big for the majors but almost non existent for the qualifiers). In all other stats Milan has a considerable advantage, especially in assists department, which is very important for a position 4 support.

In some meta’s there are more kills than in others, which is why maybe K:D team ratio is a better stat to look at. On average, J.Storm’s KD ratio was better in the MiLAN era, ~1.4 : 1.2 for the majors and ~0.89 : ~0.72 for the minors.

Roster swap should lead to improvement but I don’t see any for J.Storm. Maybe the roster swap acomplished something, maybe it didn’t, time will tell. I remember after Fear’s first support stint on EG, he received a lot of criticism, and his response after coming back to play a carry was that he agrees the position fits him much better. Maybe that’ll be the case again, we will find out…

For those interested, full comparison table on GOOGLE drive!