Welcome to Dota2Critic.com, extremely subjective news blog. Intent of this blog is to critique the scene in general and to cover it from not-so-traditional angle. Tournament wise, we will cover Dota Pro Circuit with priority on Majors. Instead of going broad with the coverage, our focus will be on a few matches, but with more in-depth coverage. There won’t be much retelling of what happened in the game, it’s 21st century, we have video highlights for that. Instead, we will emphasise draft analysis and cover just a bit of the gameplay if there is something special worth mentioning. For transparency’s sake, out of all the teams, coverage will mostly be focused on Team Secret, Team Liquid and Virtus Pro due to fan bias towards these teams.

            At the moment I do:

                        -Columns – General Dota2 articles, mostly in-between the tournaments

                        -Draft Breakdown – Draft analysis of DPC events    


*Any feedback is more than welcome, be free to send an email or contact me via social networks (timezone CET)